Dateline: Chicago Newsflash:
Dr. Michael J. Lee proves you CAN feel mother nature. . and I am the proof.
I’ve been worrying about my sad saggy eyes for about four years. I interviewed another prominent Dr. but didn’t have a good vibe. I somehow found Dr. Lee and felt he could give me the result I wanted. Well, it wasn’t just what I expected, it was much more. Dr. Lee suggested I do my upper and lower lids. (“Oh, I didn’t think about that”). So I signed on for both. At the pre-surgery visit Dr. Lee noted the shape of my eye is almond. Key observation, I did not want to come out with a different look, just the new improved me. My eyes are most definitely an almond shape. He is a very observant surgeon, which is very essential. I’ve seen other work on friends and the eye shape is the key to success. Just a “lift” won’t do the job. An artistic eye is required which Dr. Lee has. The surgery was fine. Natalie found me a wonderful nurse to stay with me for a few days. As I healed, I saw the bright eyed me. (Yes, much improved) and I feel such joy. Remarks of “wow, you look great” started. Followed with, “you look 10 years younger”. “You’ve turned back the clock”. “You look beautiful”. Then the ultimate accolade, I got CARDED at the grocery store. What else can I say? Well, there’s more but then it’s more of the same! In conclusion, my thoughts to you who are reading this “review” on my experience with Dr. Lee. Dr. Lee has a great eye and he is a meticulous surgeon. I couldn’t be more pleased. He gave me the gift of natural beauty. He is a good man and can do a perfect eye lift! TAKE THAT MOTHER NATURE!!”

Dear Dr. Lee and Christine,
Thank you very much for all your time and patience with me. I sure hope all my questions and concerns were not too overwhelming! I know I will be in the greatest hands with the two most wonderful doctors working on me on January 8th – Dr. Lee and Dr. Elena Kamel. Wishing you and your family’s good health and happiness this holiday season. See you soon!

Dr. Lee and Staff,
I’d like to say thank you for your professionalism, care, and expertise while being a patient in 2012. I’m so glad that I was referred to your office from Dr. Brooke Wharton.  Dr. Lee has done such a great job and has made such a difference in my life. I really appreciate all of the time your office staff spent with me! Thank you again! Have a great 2013!

Dr. Lee:
Everything was so easy. You restored my confidence. I like seeing myself in pictures again. You were attentive to every question. You communicated with me every step of the way. Thank you!

I had an Abdominoplasty and Mastopexy done by Dr. Lee. I had these after significant weight loss. My experience with Dr. Lee and his staff has been nothing but positive. Throughout the entire process, Dr. Lee made me feel comfortable and at ease. He was always willing to listen and answer all of my questions. I also always felt extremely confident in his abilities, which was very comforting throughout the process and on the day of surgery. I am very happy with my results, and am so happy I chose Dr. Lee as my surgeon. On a further note, Dr. Lee’s office staff were always very friendly, warm, and helpful in guiding me through the process and making this a good experience. I would definitely recommend Dr. Lee to my close friends and anyone considering plastic surgery. Thank you for everything!

Dr. Lee and staff are “the very best”. I have and do feel I am always in good hands. I trust Dr. Lee with my life. The results of my procedures are very rewarding! I would use Dr. Lee and his staff again and I always refer his services. I love Dr. Lee!

Dr. Lee performed an Otoplasty on me because I was very self-conscious of the size and shape of my ears. I was nervous when I first came in, but Dr. Lee’s manner was very reassuring and comfortable. The results are amazing! My ears look very natural and I have much more confidence in my appearance. Dr. Lee came highly recommended and I would also recommend him without hesitation. Thanks Dr. Lee.
-Sincerely, Emily

Dear Dr. Lee,
Just a note to say thank you! You have once again extended your kindness to help me do something that meant a lot to me. I am looking forward to knowing you for a long   time. Thanks again for your kindness and expertise. Enjoy the holidays! You are great!
-Sincerely, Tiffany

Dr. Lee,
I just wanted to take the time to thank you for all you have done for me. I couldn’t be more pleased with my results. You are an excellent surgeon. I look and feel fabulous. Thank you

Dr. Lee,
Your special kindness is much appreciated. Thank you Dr. Lee. You have truly changed my life. Thanks always.

Dear Dr. Lee,
I really appreciate the excellent care you gave me. You know, my husband would not have let me gone to anyone else. Thank you for everything. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family!

Dr. Lee,
I am so grateful when I watch Jen’s face. What your skillful hand made possible to her and me. May the gifts of peace, love, and happiness be yours this season! Merry Christmas!

Before my surgery, I met with Dr. Lee to help me make an important decision. Dr. Lee with his professionalism and area of expertise made this decision easy for me by listening and allowing me to ask all the questions and concerns I had and then explaining the pros and cons associated with the procedure. I am very pleased with the surgery that I have received from Dr. Lee and totally pleased with the results of the procedure. I can’t say enough about the experience I had with Dr. Lee, his staff, surgical team, and the hospital staff. The pain I experienced was minimal with a quick recovery time. I can’t say enough wonderful things about you Dr. Lee, you are the best! You made my surgery, a breast reduction, at age 67 one that I will always remember.

Dr. Lee,
Happy Holidays! I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your care over the past few years. Thank you for your attentive eye, your hard work, and your kindness. Your patient,

Dear Dr. Lee,
Words cannot express how thankful I am for the outcome of the complicated Septo-Rhinoplasty you performed only 6 months ago. After having been told by numerous doctors that I would simply have to “live with the look of my nose”, I had lost all hope of improving my look. I knew that you were different, and I was right. Suring my consultations, you were confident and informative, and during my surgery your bedside manner and technical skills were superb. Removing my bandages was an emotional experience that my mother and I won’t ever forget. I never thought I could this way. Thank you! You’ve brought back my spirit, my confidence, and have given me a beautiful nose. In addition, your staff is amazing. Suring the weeks leading up to my surgery, Christina gracefully handled my multiple questions, guided me in the billing process and calmed my nerves. She was nothing but kind to me. I will always look to you, your staff, and Northwestern Hospital for my surgery needs in the future. You are by far the best in the business, and I wouldn’t trust anyone else. I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for me. Thank you again!

Perfect! I couldn’t have asked for better results. This was the best decision I have ever made.

Dr. Lee performed Blepharoplasty on both of my seventy-two year old eyes in a simple office procedure. After our initial meeting, Dr. Lee and his assistants provided written, step-by-step information about costs, procedures, and expectations. I called the office a few times for additional information and the answers came promptly and very thorough. I love the final results. Friends recognize a difference – “You look awake and bright-eyed”. “Your eyes look so blue today”. They know there’s a change but are not able to pinpoint that difference. I can see better with peripheral vision and love to wear eye shadow now! Thank you Dr. Lee and all the staff!

Dr. Lee is indeed a genius. I came to him terrified and needy. Having just been diagnosed, again, with breast cancer. I had elected to have two mastectomies and reconstruction. A long journey had begun. Our first visit was comforting. Dr. Lee patiently answered all my questions, never making me feel rushed. The challenge: one breast reduced, one breast previously radiated, after a lumpectomy. The risk was great of infection and rejection. We decided to take small steps and maximize healing time and outcomes. The journey isn’t over yet, but already I am absolutely thrilled with the results: my breasts are more beautiful (perky, smaller, and almost symmetrical) than I ever imagined possible! I love them more than my “originals” that gave me so much trouble prior to cancer – (sassy, asymmetrical, and large but unappealing). Dr. Lee’s staff is also extraordinary, kind, helpful, compassionate, discreet, and truly remarkable young women. Finally, his office is immaculate and striking, just what you would expect from a surgeon and team focused on beauty. My life is now worth living…I feel (almost) whole again after such trauma – physical and emotional. Dr. Lee is healing me, inside and out.

I am extremely satisfied with Dr. Lee’s services. I respect his expertise and professionalism. I never feel rushed or persuaded to do another procedure. His office staff is wonderful human beings who sincerely care about the welfare of the patients. I would recommend Dr. Lee to my friends and will trust him to take care of my plastic surgery needs in the future.

Dr. Lee is amazing! He is always upfront and honest and will definitely let you know what is best for you. I liked how he told the different results that could happen. Sometimes as a woman we tend to nitpick at ourselves without really knowing that there are things that are just genetically inherent in how we are shaped. The liposuction procedure was definitely a lot smoother than I had imagined. My procedure was done in his office and went just as he explained. The “happy pills” zonk you out and though you are still somewhat coherent during the procedure, all you really remember the next day are random flashes. My recovery was also a lot better than expected. The next day I was sore everywhere and I normally sleep on my side so it was hard to get used to sleeping on my back for a few nights. But I was able to go back to work on Monday (my procedure was the previous Thursday). For a few weeks after, the most pain I felt was when I got up too fast from a laid down position. All together I had a successful procedure and a great experience with Dr. Lee. I am extremely happy with my results. I wasn’t that big to begin with but he definitely improved my areas of concern. I truly feel that liposuction is a great way to enhance certain areas that are just not responsive no matter how much diet and exercise you do. And for anyone who is looking for a doctor, Dr. Lee is a great one. He does amazing work and has an equally amazing staff. I thank them for putting that extra pep in my step and helping me boost my confidence.

Dr. Lee was recommended by another physician. I was so nervous about plastic surgery. After meeting with him to discuss my concerns about my plastic surgery, I immediately felt comfortable with my decision to have Abdominoplasty. Dr. Lee is very caring and thorough. His staff was excellent throughout the entire process. I have had so much individual attention. My incision line was perfect. I can see by my results that he is a meticulous surgeon, but he is different because he is also a very caring person. Thank you Dr. Lee, I could not imagine entrusting this type of surgery to another physician.

I recently had a neck lift (in addition to a melanoma removal) by Dr. Lee 2 weeks ago, and am very pleased with the results. My appearance has improves, but not extremely noticeable. I look younger! My husband complimented my on my great, improved appearance. I was very happy with Dr. Lee’s medical approach, explanations prior to surgery, and great care with follow-ups. Thank you!!

Having been unhappy with my nose for many years (hiding from the camera, etc.), I finally made an appointment with Dr. Lee. After meeting with him, I was even more convinced to have the surgery. So I made the appointment (for surgery) for the day that would change my life forever! Dr. Lee has such a nice demeanor and is so patient. He understood exactly what I wanted. He has given me the nose I should have been born with! He and his staff were so great and I am so happy with the results. It’s so amazing! I only wish I had done it sooner. Thank you so much Dr. Lee!

I would highly recommend the very skilled Dr. Lee. I felt very comfortable with him and his staff is very professional. They helped the whole experience go very smoothly.

Dear Dr. Lee,
I wanted to thank you for the wonderful consideration that you and your staff has provided me with. In May after careful consideration and anxiety from past experience. I decided to have Rhinoplasty done for a second time. Your staff (especially Christina) went above and beyond to make sure I was very comfortable with the entire process and was very professional throughout this process. The “artwork” that you performed on me is so much better than I could ever imagine and my only regret is that I waited so long to have this done. The changes are remarkable. After the surgery, I decided to have the skin rejuvenation because after my surgery it was hard for me to deep clean my face due to the sensitivity. I cannot say how great of a job Kelly did for me. Not only was my face clean and smooth, but once again, the results of this procedure were remarkable. I was concerned with side effects and/or irritations and had zero. The procedure was wonderful and I could feel/see the difference for month (I can’t wait to do it again). Kelly was very knowledgeable about the procedure and was very thorough in her work. The results were so great that I brought my sister in for a special “birthday surprise”. My sister has extremely sensitive skin and she too thought the procedure was wonderful with zero side effects/irritations. Thank you so much for your wonderful expertise. You truly are an artist with a staff that only compliments your work!
-Best Regards, Kathy

Dr. Lee
Every good and generous thought, word, and act makes a difference, in more ways than can ever be known. Just so YOU know – thank you. You made a difference. Thanks for everything!

Dr. Lee is the best! The results were better than I imagine. Everything from the consultations to the recovery was perfect. Thank you!