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VolumeSculpt™ Conveniently located to serve Greater Chicago Area and Cook County

VolumeSculpt™ is a revolutionary technique developed by Dr. Lee to help lift and sculpt the face without surgery. Dr. Lee uses specific fillers that are tailored to each individual’s anatomy and bone structure. Some fillers are placed right in the skin while others are placed in the subcutaneous tissues. In the past, cheek implants and chin implants were used to correct bony weakness in these area but now with new fillers that have a firmer consistency, these areas can be improved with fillers.

Dr. Lee’s VolumeSculpt™ procedure can give fuller cheeks, higher eyebrows, improve sunken eyelids, and change the shape of the upper nose and chin without surgery. The procedure takes between 30-45 minutes and no sedation is required. The results are immediate but look best at about 2 weeks following the procedure. The most common issues that arise after the procedure are minor swelling and bruising and these issues typically resolve within 4-7 days.

Contact Dr. Lee to see if you are a candidate for this new and exciting procedure.

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