Dr. Lee is indeed a genius. I came to him terrified and needy. Having just been diagnosed, again, with breast cancer. I had elected to have two mastectomies and reconstruction. A long journey had begun. Our first visit was comforting. Dr. Lee patiently answered all my questions, never making me feel rushed. The challenge: one breast reduced, one breast previously radiated, after a lumpectomy. The risk was great of infection and rejection. We decided to take small steps and maximize healing time and outcomes. The journey isn’t over yet, but already I am absolutely thrilled with the results: my breasts are more beautiful (perky, smaller, and almost symmetrical) than I ever imagined possible! I love them more than my “originals” that gave me so much trouble prior to cancer – (sassy, asymmetrical, and large but unappealing). Dr. Lee’s staff is also extraordinary, kind, helpful, compassionate, discreet, and truly remarkable young women. Finally, his office is immaculate and striking, just what you would expect from a surgeon and team focused on beauty. My life is now worth living…I feel (almost) whole again after such trauma – physical and emotional. Dr. Lee is healing me, inside and out.