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Breast Reduction is a procedure which decreases the overall size of the breasts and improves the position of the nipple and the shape of the breasts. If you suffer from neck and back pain related to the weight and size of your breasts, Dr. Michael J. Lee can perform a breast reduction in Chicago to alleviate your symptoms and create more aesthetic breast contours.

Why choose Dr. Michael J. Lee for a Breast Reduction?

Dr. Lee has a variety of techniques to customize your Breast Reduction using a short scar technique, liposuction, or a traditional approach.

There are many types of Breast Reductions, and there are advantages and disadvantages to most of them. Dr. Lee can help determine which type of Breast Reduction will be best for you.

Breast Reduction Diagram

Who is a good candidate for a Breast Reduction?

If you are unhappy with the size of your breasts, then Breast Reduction may be a possibility. Breast Reductions are generally not performed until the breasts have fully developed, so reductions are not typically performed before the patient has reached the age of 18.

Wide fluctuations in weight are also not a good time to have a reduction because weight changes can increase and decrease the size of the breasts.

Insurance companies may cover Breast Reduction surgery if the breasts are large enough related to your height and weight and you have significant symptoms from the breasts. Sometimes, physical therapy and weight loss must be attempted prior to breast surgery.

What is the recovery process like after a Breast Reduction?

There is discomfort for a few days after the procedure although the procedure is an outpatient surgery. The surgery takes usually 2-3 hours. There is bruising and swelling that lasts 1-2 weeks after surgery.

Activity and exercise can start 2-3 weeks after surgery depending how you are healing. Most people take one week off of work.

What are the risks associated with a Breast Reduction?

The common risks associated with Breast Reduction include infection, small areas of skin breakdown, unfavorable scarring, and bleeding. Other more rare risks of Breast Reduction include: injury to the sensation of the nipple, asymmetry, and loss of part or the whole nipple.


I can’t say enough wonderful things

by Barbara

“Before my surgery, I met with Dr. Lee to help me make an important decision. Dr. Lee with his professionalism and area of expertise made this decision easy for me by listening and allowing me to ask all the questions and concerns I had and then explaining the pros and cons associated with the procedure. I am very pleased with the surgery that I have received from Dr. Lee and totally pleased with the results of the procedure. I can’t say enough about the experience I had with Dr. Lee, his staff, surgical team, and the hospital staff. The pain I experienced was minimal with a quick recovery time. I can’t say enough wonderful things about you Dr. Lee, you are the best! You made my surgery, a breast reduction, at age 67 one that I will always remember.”


What is the earliest age to perform a Breast Reduction?

A breast reduction in Chicago is generally performed after skeletal and breast maturity is reached. For most women, reductions are best performed after eighteen years of age. Sometimes, pregnancy and weight gain can increase breast size later in life and can increase the need for another Breast Reduction.

Will a Breast Reduction be covered by insurance?

Macromastia (large breasts) has been shown in many studies to cause a variety of symptoms including neck, shoulder, and back pain as well as a rash (intertrigo). The weight of the breasts can cause shoulder grooving from bra straps as well as interfere with daily activities and exercise.

There are also many studies which show relief of back pain and increased activity with a Breast Reduction. Insurance companies have a variety of criteria for approving Breast Reduction. There is usually a minimum amount that needs to be respected based on a woman’s height and weight as well as documentation of weight loss (if weight is an issue), and sometimes physical therapy.

If these criteria are met, then a reduction is usually covered by insurance. If not, Breast Reduction can be performed for cosmetic reasons, and it will also still improve symptoms.

What is a Short Scar Breast Reduction?

There are many techniques for a Short Scar reduction. In the appropriate patient, Dr. Lee performs a technique that creates a rounder breast using a shorter scar which does not have a horizontal component. These patients are usually 1 or 2 cups sizes larger than they want to be and the nipple position is not too low. Ask Dr. Lee about his Short Scar technique at your consultation.

Breast Reduction Diagram 2

Can a Breast Reduction be performed with only Liposuction?

If the nipple position is acceptable and the size is only 1 or 2 cups sizes too large, a Liposuction reduction can also be performed. The benefit of this procedure is almost no visible scarring as there are only 2 incisions per breast that measure less than ½ inch in size.

Can you breastfeed after having a Breast Reduction?

Although breast tissue is removed, there is still enough glandular tissue to breast feed after reduction. It is difficult to determine what percentage of women can breastfeed after a reduction because the difficulty of breastfeeding for all women is still high (usually 30-40%).

Is a Breast Reduction permanent?

Breast Reduction removes breast tissue but the remaining breast tissue can grow larger with pregnancy or weight gain. It is possible to require another reduction in the future if there are significant changes in weight or having children. With age, breast tissue becomes smaller but breast fat becomes more prevalent.

Breast Reduction Cost

The price of your breast reduction surgery will be determined by the complexity of your procedure and whether you choose to combine it with a breast lift or other cosmetic surgery. Once he has determined the best treatment approach for you, Dr. Lee will explain the details of your surgery as well as the cost.

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