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Age Spot Reduction Conveniently located to serve Greater Chicago Area and Cook County

Age spots are light brown or dark brown areas on the face and body that develop over time from sun exposure. To minimize the occurrence of dark spots, sun avoidance is best, followed by hats and sun block. For existing areas, there are creams that can lighten these areas and for resistant spots, there are few lasers that can lighten the spots.

Am I a candidate for Laser Treatment?

To be a candidate, you have to be off any inflammatory medications such as Accutane and have no inflammatory nodules on the face. The skin must not be suntanned as this can result in burns on the face. If you use Retinol products, you must stop these 2 weeks prior to the procedure. For patients with cold sores, laser treatment can increase the change of cold sore breakouts and prophylaxis with medication can be important. The laser treatment options include Intense Pulse Light and Pulsed Dye lasers which can reduce the color. Those individuals with darker skin tones must be evaluated prior to treatment to see if the laser is an appropriate option for treatment.

How long does Age Spot Reduction last? Is it permanent?

Age Spot Reduction is typically not permanent. It results from sun exposure and continued sun exposure after treatment can cause the spots to return or darken over time. To minimize this recurrence, sun avoidance or sun block is critical. With good sun avoidance, these spots usually do not return.

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