Dateline: Chicago Newsflash:
Dr. Michael J. Lee proves you CAN feel mother nature. . and I am the proof.
I’ve been worrying about my sad saggy eyes for about four years. I interviewed another prominent Dr. but didn’t have a good vibe. I somehow found Dr. Lee and felt he could give me the result I wanted. Well, it wasn’t just what I expected, it was much more. Dr. Lee suggested I do my upper and lower lids. (“Oh, I didn’t think about that”). So I signed on for both. At the pre-surgery visit Dr. Lee noted the shape of my eye is almond. Key observation, I did not want to come out with a different look, just the new improved me. My eyes are most definitely an almond shape. He is a very observant surgeon, which is very essential. I’ve seen other work on friends and the eye shape is the key to success. Just a “lift” won’t do the job. An artistic eye is required which Dr. Lee has. The surgery was fine. Natalie found me a wonderful nurse to stay with me for a few days. As I healed, I saw the bright eyed me. (Yes, much improved) and I feel such joy. Remarks of “wow, you look great” started. Followed with, “you look 10 years younger”. “You’ve turned back the clock”. “You look beautiful”. Then the ultimate accolade, I got CARDED at the grocery store. What else can I say? Well, there’s more but then it’s more of the same! In conclusion, my thoughts to you who are reading this “review” on my experience with Dr. Lee. Dr. Lee has a great eye and he is a meticulous surgeon. I couldn’t be more pleased. He gave me the gift of natural beauty. He is a good man and can do a perfect eye lift! TAKE THAT MOTHER NATURE!!”