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Neck Liposuction Conveniently located to serve Greater Chicago Area and Cook County

Neck Liposuction is a very popular procedure as accumulation of fat in the area underneath the chin is common. In the right individual, Neck Liposuction can improve the overall look of the face and create a more elegant appearance in women and more masculine appearance in men. The procedure typically takes 30-45 minutes to complete and is often done in the office.

Am I a candidate for Neck Liposuction?

Good candidates have smooth, healthy skin with no significant hanging skin. Typically candidates are in their 20s, 30s and maybe early 40s. If an individual is overweight, losing weight is critical to success as fat from excess weight may remain underneath the muscles of the neck which can contribute to the full look in this area. If there is excess skin or muscle, a Neck Lift with Liposuction may be a better option.

What are the techniques for Neck Liposuction?

The most common technique for Neck Liposuction is performed with a small syringe and cannula. This process is called Liposculpture. This technique provides a gentle and precise way to remove the fat without damaging the muscle or the skin. It is less painful and causes minimal bruising and swelling. Other techniques include Laser Liposuction with SMART Lipo technology which may tighten the skin as well. Dr. Lee will go over the different techniques to see which would be best for you during your consultation.